Yonex Extreme Product Test: Save the Egg! Japanese Promotional Video

This was a really cool idea for a shoot that hearkens back to those nostalgic times when we were all back in high school competing for the glory of the science fair gold by devising a contraption that could protect a raw egg from a fall from a decent height. Dismissing the possibility of developing a soft landing pad for the egg to land on (usually due to R&D considerations), parachutes, impact dampening containers to put the egg in, and some other "creative" alternatives always tend to get employed. Well, I have to say, that Yonex has done whatever high school student dreams of doing more than anything... yes, more than anything. Design a foam pad capable of protecting an egg from certain doom! Watch the video to see POEWR CUSHION + in action! (Look for me as well.... I will give you a hint. I am not the chicken...)

How effective is Yonex's new POWER CUSHION + technology? We have conducted an experiment to demonstrate its extraordinary cushioning and repulsion power. *No chickens were harmed during the test. ■About POWER CUSHION + When dropping a raw egg from 7 meters above a POWER CUSHION sheet, it will bounce back 4 meters without damage.

I was blown away when I saw the egg fall and safely bounce off of the foam almost every single time! I thought the shoot would fake the egg drop, but nope, time after time, the egg bounced off of the magic yellow foam with assistants running to collect it like a football bouncing down the field with players chasing it down. It was awesome being a part of this experiment, and I know what my next pair of shoes will be... and also what I would like to line the walls of my basement with!